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  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – Your Animals, Your Success, Your Zoo Game

    This zoo is simply amazing. In the entertaining browser game Zoo 2: Animal Park, you inherit your great aunt Josephine’s small zoo. Your first task: To save the zoo from closure. The property that’s home to all of her animals is in high demand. Potential buyers include the mayor, who sets you an ultimatum: Whip the zoo into shape and get visitors coming in in just 48 hours; else the land will be sold. Thinking of your dear late aunt who poured her lifeblood into the zoo and took care of all the animals for decades, your mission is clear. Experience the zoo game adventure and become an animal park manager today!
  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – Run Your Own Zoo

    What a sight! The kids are entranced; together with their parents they can’t tear their eyes away from the frolicking panda cubs. An unexpected death in the family makes you a zoo director in this extraordinary zoo game. Zoo 2: Animal Park lets you rise to the occasion – after all, the animals need you. Manage your zoo, design new enclosures, keep the walkways clean, attract new visitors, increase your profits and invest in new exotic zoo animals for your zoological gardens. Discover the mesmerizing world of zoo games. Register for free and play online now. All you need is a PC with a working internet connection, and you can get crackin’!
  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – A Unique Gaming Experience

    It’s all up to you. With the mantle of zoo director thrust upon you, you have ambitious goals. You don’t just want to save late Aunt Josephine’s zoo from being shut down, you want to turn it into a proper attraction, bringing in visitors from far and wide. To make that dream a reality, you start sprucing up and expanding your property. A PC with a working internet connection is all you need to experience the fantastic zoo game simulation online for free. Try your luck and embark on a grand adventure in your own virtual zoo. Captivating features, exciting quests and a riveting story full of surprising twists and turns awaits you. Play for free now. Join in the fun!
  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – A Charming Home for Adorable Animals

    He can’t be serious! 48 hours is all the mayor has given you to save late Aunt Josephine’s small hobby zoo and bring it into presentable shape. Else the property will be sold to investors who are already waiting like vultures. You can’t let that happen! After all, there are so many cute animals living on the property, and they need a home. To avert the impending crisis, you begin feverishly cleaning the zoo. Lovingly-detailed and full of quirky fun, the zoo game Zoo 2: Animal Park captivates you with a gorgeous 3D setting, amusing animated animals, and a unique tycoon game setting. Become a zoo manager today!

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