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  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – Zoorrific Tycoon Game Fun

    A myriad of customization options awaits at your fingertips. Create the zoo of your dreams, and advance your career from a small fledgling zoo director to an experienced manager. Zoo 2: Animal Park combines extraordinary tycoon game features and entertaining browser game elements. Make friends with other players, and support each other with small tasks in the zoo, chat about experience and admire each others handiwork. A unique zoo simulation with an engaging backstory awaits! Late Aunt Josephine has left you her sweet little zoo. Take care of the cute animals and ensure that they have a home for years to come. Play now and experience the charming zoo browser game. See what this stunning tycoon game has to offer!
  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – Explore the Stunning 3D Setting

    Snack stalls, drink shops, and enchanting decorations: in the tycoon game Zoo 2: Animal Park it’s up to you to decorate the zoo to attract visitors. Against overwhelming odds, too. The mayor has only given you two days to save late Aunt Josephine’s beloved little zoo and get people coming. If you don’t succeed, the property is slated to be sold to investors. The time for decisive action is now, so you get to work without any hesitation. You clean up the zoo and take out the trash. You organize new animals, build various enclosures, and spice up empty patches of grass with a mesmerizing assortment of flowers, bushes and trees. Zoo 2: Animal Park whisks you away into a breathtakingly beautiful setting. Play for free now!
  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – Save the Cute Animals

    It’s a colorful place: the enchanting world of the tycoon game Zoo 2: Animal Park. Register for free on upjers.com and add this stunning zoo simulation to your account. You’ll be able to get started right away. Save late Aunt Josephine’s beloved little zoo. Care for, pet and feed the cute critters – from fluffy bunnies to ferocious lions. Every animal can captivate your visitors – and you need them now more than ever. After all, the mayor has threatened to shut down the zoo if you can’t whip it into shape and attract new visitors within 48 hours. Prevent the worst and help the animals!
  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – Unique Opportunities

    There are many tycoon games out there, but Zoo 2: Animal Park sets itself apart with a truly captivating game experience. Explore the magical zoo world in your browser. Dive into a very special adventure on your PC or laptop – after all, you’re the new zoo director in town! Sure, it wasn’t quite voluntary. Dear Aunt Josephine passed away, leaving you her small hobby zoo. And now it’s up to you to save it. Fight like a lion for the animals! The mean old mayor has only given you 48 hours to attract new visitors, but you won’t let that get you down. Put your tycoon game skills to the test and manage your own zoo. Play for free now!

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