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  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – Become a Zookeeper for Cute Animals

    The bear is just too cute! Dive into the fascinating world of the zookeeper game Zoo 2: Animal Park. In this extraordinary browser game, you slip into the role of a fresh-baked zoo director. In your small zoo, you’ll be taking care of a lot of exotic animals – from clumsy pandas enjoying a carefree romp in to fearsome tigers on the prowl. Let yourself be enchanted by this one-of-a-kind zoo simulation. A captivating story with plenty of twists and turns awaits you. The more you progress through the levels, the more features and customization options you’ll have at your disposal. Experience this special 3D zoo on your PC. Sign up for free and become a virtual zoo director. Let’s go!
  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – A Wonderful 3D Zoo

    This zoo game is sure to satisfy your craving for a phenomenal zoo game. Experience the extraordinary browser game Zoo 2: Animal Park and explore a lovingly-detailed, three-dimensional zoo setting. Build enclosures, lay a variety of different paths, acquire exotic animals for your zoo, and supply them with food and water. Pet your charges and take good care of them – after all, the better you treat your animals, the happier they’ll be. And visitors like to see that the animals are well cared for. Zoo 2: Animal Park combines zoo game features with special zookeeper game elements. All you need to play is an account on upjers.com – just add the zoo simulation to your games and dive right in. Discover the possibilities! Start your big zoo adventure now!
  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – Grandiose Animations

    Bleating goats, playful rabbits, majestic lions – the browser game Zoo 2: Animal Park will wow you with its charming 3D animations. Meet lovingly-designed animals that will move independently around their enclosures. After inheriting a small zoo from your Aunt Josephine in the animal care game, you start building it up step by step. Fix up the enclosures, build new shelters, and get new animals for your zoo to attract more visitors. Care for, feed, and play with exotic, cute and wild creatures of all sizes. Make friends with other players, and get to know the countless activities and customization options in this splendid game. Don’t have an upjers account yet? Just create one now for free and start playing!
  • Zoo 2: Animal Park – The Zoo of Your Dreams

    48 hours is all you get from the mayor to attract more visitors to your rundown little zoo in the zookeeper game Zoo 2: Animal Park. If you don’t manage to rally the required visitors, the zoo will be closed and the property sold to the highest bidder. It’s up to you to prevent that from happening! So of course you get to work cleaning up enclosures and sprucing up your zoo. Prove your skill as a zoo manager. Take care of cute animals, supply amenities in the form of snack shacks and drink stalls. Build extensive path systems, get rid of trash, and add unique accents to your zoo with charming decorations. An extraordinary zookeeper game with plenty of quirky ideas awaits you!

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